Immigration Court and Deportation Defense

As an undocumented person, you may be scared and think you do not have any way to fight the system if you are picked up by ICE, are placed in removal proceedings or have to appear before USCIS. This is simply not the case and Linda Osberg-Braun is here to help you. It is very important that you hire an experienced and qualified attorney to handle your immigration case from beginning to end. The government has very experienced attorneys and officers representing it and you need to have the same on your side. Every time you appear in court, the proceedings are recorded and your case will be affected by what your attorney says and does on your behalf. An ineffective or inexperienced attorney can harm your case going forward and affect the available forms of relief you may have now or in the future. At Osberg-Braun Immigration, Linda is an experienced attorneys who worked for the government for many years as prosecutors in immigration and criminal cases and have the legal skills to fight government attorneys in court or immigration officers at USCIS. When you meet with Linda, she will discuss all your alternatives and strategize to find the best option available for you and your family. Linda will also accompany you to court or USCIS and fight for you until the case is done and won.

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