Release From Custody

If a family member has been picked up by ICE and taken into custody, it is very important that you hire an experienced firm like Osberg-Braun Immigration to get involved right away. Linda Osberg-Braun will immediately meet with your family and obtain the necessary documents and information that they will then forward to ICE to begin the negotiations for the release of your family member. As you see in the news, individuals are being picked up every day and it is important that you have an attorney who is available to you and willing to go the extra mile to get your family member out and back home as soon as possible. Linda Osberg-Braun is experienced and knowledgeable in how to approach ICE in a way that leads to a successful outcome. Osberg-Braun Immigration will put all their years of experience and knowledge to work for your family member with just one phone call from you.

When a person is detained, it is very important to hire the right attorney to work on the case as soon as possible. Many times Osberg-Braun Immigration can negotiate the release of a client by obtaining a bond directly with the immigration officer. If the immigration officer refuses, then there is a second opportunity to present the case in front of an immigration judge by filing a motion for bond. A bond motion allows Osberg-Braun Immigration to present evidence in front of a judge as to why the individual should be released and submit for the court’s review all of the person’s positive factors and contributions to the community. Linda Osberg-Braun will work closely with the client’s family members and friends to obtain as many positive records as possible so when the attorney appears before the immigration judge they can present the strongest case possible.

In the cases where a client has already been ordered deported, Osberg-Braun Immigration can file a stay along with a packet that contains all of the client’s positive factors and contributions to the community. Linda Osberg-Braun works very closely with the client’s family members and friends to gather as much evidence as possible before the final packet is presented to ICE. Once Osberg-Braun Immigration submits the request for the stay, the attorneys will monitor the progress and speak to the officers as needed to assure a positive result. Once the stay is granted, an individual can obtain work authorization and a driver’s license. The request for a stay will have to be renewed every year.

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